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How Scoliosis Was Tackled At The 2016 Ohio Physical Therapy Symposium

December 18, 2018

Scoliosis had been a big topic at the recently concluded 2016 Ohio Physical Therapy Symposium. Doctors, physical therapists, patients, and many more attended the conference to have a glimpse of the recent developments in this area. Below are some of the things discussed regarding scoliosis.

Eliminate Opioid Abuse

According to several studies, there has been an opioid epidemic plaguing the United States. With this, the symposium presenters urged physical therapy professionals to discuss more innovations in pain management and improve human experience without the use of opioid. Constant research, case studies, and experimentation of evidence-based treatment plans can make this possible.

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Misconception On Bracing

Most people think that braces correct curves. However, their purpose is to prevent scoliosis from getting worse. A person with scoliosis may wear a brace to inhibit the progression of the curve while the spine continues to grow. Take note that this is a recommendation for children or young adolescents only. They can stop using back braces once they have reached their full skeletal maturity.

On the other hand, spinal fusion surgery is more apt for curves greater than 45 degrees. Doctors can perform this if the curve continues to bend despite the braces.

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The Importance Of Innovation

The symposium also showcased new technological innovations through 3D, evidence-based, and observational gait analysis which can help address the pain caused by scoliosis. Both students and professionals can benefit from scientific symposium such as this one.

Be Proactive

Most people think that small curves are nothing, but doctors reminded them that large curves usually come from small curves. They emphasized that scoliosis is a progressive disease which starts from childhood up to adulthood. Hence, it is essential to take action as soon as possible to avoid further complications.

There have been various misconceptions and developments in the area of scoliosis. Hopefully, the 2016 Ohio Physical Therapy Symposium were able to address all of those.

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