Addressing Scoliosis – A Therapist Helpful Guidelines

The spine is a fundamental part of the body that serves to hold and protect the spinal cord – where the nerves connect to the brain. It also controls the body’s movement. However, when the spine makes an inappropriate rotation, it creates what the therapist calls a rib hump. The condition is known as scoliosis. It gets represented by making the body look like an S or C body formation. Usually, it is due to the ribs too much movement that somehow creates a noticeable imbalance physical structure in the upper torso. It creates a significant difference in the breast and changes chest size also. It makes the shoulders and waist appear uneven as well. As an individual with scoliosis, the curve of the body becomes more considerable as he grows. That is up in about 45 to 50 degrees total spine deformation.  And without proper medical assistance, the struggle can go on throughout the person’s life.


The Struggle

Having scoliosis is not a joke. Every movement of the spine designates a terrible experience, not only in physical but also in the emotional and mental as well. If the curve of the spine grows significant than 70 degrees, it will entirely create difficulty in some movements such as lifting, stretching, and even laying down straight. It can also affect individuals breathing. In most cases, there are also curves around 30 degrees in the lower back, which makes it impossible for an individual to sit up straight and bend the body.

The Causes

Honestly, a lot of experts do not know the cause of scoliosis most of the time. That is why they refer to the condition as idiopathic scoliosis. No, it is not true that the body’s deformity comes from carrying heavy loads and it doesn’t originate from a bad posture either. In fortunate instances, the condition does not cause any pain to the majority of people. However, there are some who complaints about having an uncomfortable feeling when they move a little.


Treatments And Therapy

There are tons of treatments for scoliosis. However, a lot of medical professionals will consider first the type of your scoliosis, its size, curve structure, and how much growth it has left to do. These experts will also check if other medical conditions associated with the current one. But most of the times, the process of addressing it starts with observation and monitoring the curves of the body. With that, regular x-ray becomes essential.

In addressing the condition, physical therapy is required to strengthen the core. It will help support the body by taking the pressure off of the back. Some exercises allow core development will keep the body away from hunching more. One can do an ab-workout at least three to four times a week. Therefore, it will help in maintaining a proper posture from time to time, and reminding your family members about their posture can be part of supporting loved ones with scoliosis, especially if they sit at their desks for long periods of time.


Lifestyle Changes

Another essential reminder to someone who has scoliosis is the considerable amount of changes in lifestyle. The person must focus on living a healthy way. These include sleeping for eight hours a day, drinking a lot of water, staying active indoors and outdoors, and eating fruits and vegetables. While there are some herbal remedies for scoliosis, it’s always best to consult your healthcare provider first. The focus should ensure that the body does not keep an additional weight. Because if the body is overweight, it will create a lot of pressure on the back spine. From that, the core will not be able to support the body from central to complicated movements.

Additional Tips

Get An Inversion Table – An inversion table is available in most sporting stores. Its primary purpose is to help strengthen the body’s core muscles without affecting or harming the size of the body’s current scoliosis. Also, aside from its ability to relieve pain, it is beneficial in reducing stress and release muscle tension. It improves blood circulation and adds flexibility in the body as well.

Use A Pranamat – In some cases of scoliosis, the condition sometimes creates an uncomfortable feeling and stiffness. One way to reduce it is by using a Pranamat. It helps in relieving stress in the lower back area of the body due to its acupressure ability. It serves similar benefits to acupuncture, which gives out relaxation because of its rubber spikes. But note, if scoliosis carries a severe pain, then the mat might not be able to reduce it to a maximum level.

Addressing scoliosis takes time. But it is essential always to stay strong, active, and healthy to maintain the balance and strength the body requires.

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