Best Foods To Eat To Avoid Progression Of Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a condition in which the spine is curved sideways, either to the right or the left side. Any curvature in the spine that measure more than 10 degrees can be considered as scoliosis. The curved are also described often as S-shaped or C-shaped. It can be in any part of the spine but the chest area of the lower back region is the most common. Scoliosis in these regions are known as thoracic scoliosis and lumbar scoliosis, respectively.

For most people, the cause for scoliosis cannot be identified. For many the curve might also correct itself as they grow older. However, proper treatment involving physical therapy and a nutritional diet is important.

The Relationship Between Nutrition And Scoliosis

Scoliosis can be considered a condition which is genetic neuromuscular, where the brain may be failing to send messages to the muscles regarding the non-alignment of body posture. This can be due to several environmental factors including poor nutrition, which can trigger the progression of scoliosis.

 What To Eat?

It is important to eliminate inflammatory-causing or oily junk food from your diet and take the necessary supplements for regaining lost nutrients. Your doctor may recommend some herbal remedies for scoliosis as well. Below are a few intakes you require for correcting these mineral deficiencies.

  • Calcium

A good intake of calcium between 1200 to 1500mg every day is imperative. In addition to taking calcium supplements, one must also consume food items that contain calcium. It is important for giving strength to the bones, which may be lacking in people suffering from scoliosis. However, make sure that any source of calcium that you are consuming does not have high levels of saturated fat in it as well.

  • Vitamin D

You can eat eggs, fish and cereal for vitamin D. It helps the body in absorbing calcium and increasing bone density. Vitamin D is also great for supporting important neurological functions and improving metabolism.

  • Collagenics

Collagenics is a combination of free-form amino acids and other vital minerals. By taking a dose of it, one can improve the growth of healthy connective tissues, which are important for postural strength.

  • Vitamin E

People with scoliosis must also take Vitamin E, in addition to calcium and Vitamin D. One can find loads of vitamin E sources in every supermarket in the form of walnuts, hazelnuts, olive oil, mayonnaise, sunflower seeds and many more. It helps in developing muscle strength and is great for people who have scoliosis.

What Not To Eat?

  • It is best to avoid oily fried food items. This includes fast food meals that we eat on a daily basis. Something that is home cooked and less greasy must be eaten instead.
  • Food items that contain excessive amounts of salt not be part of the diet of those having scoliosis.
  • Packaged luncheon meats are also not good for scoliosis. They contain preservatives which are not good for the human body.
  • Alcohol and other fizzy drinks must also be avoided.

A Few Nutrition Tips To Follow

Those suffering for scoliosis can still enjoy their food by making a few simple changes in their meals and substituting unhealthy items with healthy ones.

  • If you are craving chocolate, it is better that you consume dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate, in small amounts. Dark chocolate is healthier for you.
  • Also herbal tea must be preferred to coffee or other kinds of caffeinated tea.
  • Instead of eating unhealthy junk food, use fresh fruits and green vegetables for snacks or meal siders.
  • Drinking loads of water instead of soda and alcoholic beverages is also a great idea.
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