How Do Cold Weather Conditions Affect Scoliosis?

As the summers are coming to an end and autumn is approaching, the weather is getting cooler. Most people suffering from joint pains, arthritis and scoliosis usually complain that their pain amplifies during cold weather. Although no precise scientific study or research provides satisfying evidence regarding the correlation between scoliosis pain and weather changes, the chronic pain experiences narrated by scoliosis patients during cold weather can be a result of tissue contractions. With the departure of warm weather, the muscles and ligaments do not remain loose and warm, instead the tissues contract making movement more painful.

Understanding Scoliosis

To understand why scoliosis go through this and to suggest possible measures to avoid chronic pain, one must have a clear understanding of scoliosis. Although, it appears to be related to the bones, Scoliosis is a condition which is both neurological and muscular.

A person suffering from scoliosis will have an abnormal curve in the spine usually in a S or C shape. It is more common in people in the 9-15 age brackets, females and those who have a family history for scoliosis. Most of the times there is no known cause of it and treatment depends on the severity of the condition.

Scoliosis And Chronic Pain

As the spine is abnormally curved in this condition, the body weight is unevenly distributed. This means that one side of the spine bears more stress than the other, resulting in pain. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence indicating that this pain become intensified during cold weather.

How To Cope With Scoliosis Pain In Cold Weather

As the pain may become unbearable for many, they must take measures to cope with it beforehand. The key is staying warm during this time. There are several heat therapies one can take or electric blankets one can get as a precaution. This will help in improving the blood circulation in the body and will also relax the tissues that cause the pain. Below is a list of things one can do.

  • Hot water baths

This is a relaxing way to ease pain. Swimming in a hot tub or even soaking yourself in a hot bath tub at least three times during a week is an effective way to avoid scoliosis pain during winter. It helps in relaxing muscle tissue and brings relief to inflamed areas of your back

  • Hot Packs

A great idea to immediately deal with chronic scoliosis pain is to use a hot pack. If you do not have a hot pack available, you can also use a warm towel or some other kind of heating pad as a substitute. You must apply it to the painful region for about twenty minutes to relieve any pain due to cold weather. Nowadays, you can even get heat wraps. They are a more effective option as their effect lasts usually for eight hours.

  • Epsom salt baths

This is an excellent way to find relief. You can add two cups of Epsom salt to your bath and stay in there for at least fifteen minutes; remember that the water must not be too hot. Epsom salt is actually a natural mineral containing both sulfate and magnesium. These ingredients have a lot of benefits for your health including reduction in inflammation and removal of toxins from your body. They also help in maintaining proper muscle and never functions.

It might get hard to try the aforementioned things when you are suffering from scoliosis pain and you may prefer to stay inside. However, it is for your own betterment that you exercise and continue staying active to avoid any chronic pain during cold weather.

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