What Are The Long-Term Effects Of Scoliosis

A large number of cases of scoliosis, a spinal-disease which affects around 3 percent of the population, are mild and cause no significant harm. However, in cases where the spinal-curve is bent dangerously, the situation can worsen significantly over time. This can lead to numerous health problems.

The most troublesome part of scoliosis is the alarming rate at which it damages the spine. More often than not, treatments carried out by doctors struggle to prevent the disease from escalating.  As the spinal curve becomes more prominent, the patient’s symptoms become worse. In extreme cases, the patient can even be subject to an early death. Here are some of the long-term effects which scoliosis patients have to face.

Physical Pain

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The main issue associated with scoliosis is the pain factor victims have to endure. The extent of the pain, and the frequency with which it occurs, varies from patient to patient depending on the nature of the disease. Degeneration caused by the illness causes the body’s alignment to change, which may result in hip pain. The curvature can also cause back pain, and it’s not uncommon for adults who suffered from scoliosis in their childhood to develop chronic back pain in their later years.

Nerve compression caused by the spinal curve commonly leads to development of pain in the legs and back-side. Leg pain can further cause balancing issues for the patient, making it difficult for them to walk.


Dealing With Winter

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The cold months are notorious for worsening the symptoms of joint and bone-related diseases. Unsurprisingly, the suffering of scoliosis patients also increases significantly in colder climates. The physical pain victims face can increase dramatically if their body isn’t kept warm at all times during these months. Furthermore, the muscles, bones and ligaments tend to stiffen in the winter, which can heighten the back-pain which scoliosis patients suffer from.


Social Problems And Physical Deformities

Another major problem that patients suffering from scoliosis may face is social isolation. Scoliosis, causing clumsiness and visible physical deformities in its advanced stages, can lead to patients feeling shy in social situations. Because of this, scoliosis patients may find it much harder to make friends or keep relations with people in general.

Developed curves which cause prominent physical deformities can result in patients suffering from body-image issues, and this may also lower their self-esteem.  Furthermore, greater curvatures may affect the patient’s muscular movements, performance, and flexion. Thus, the victim may be unable to participate in physical activities, sports and exercise in general. As a result, the patient may become out of shape, and become increasingly dissatisfied with their self-image. These changes make dealing with the disease even harder, and victims may fall into depression.



Living With It

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Scoliosis is the type of disease which can stay with someone for a life-time, at least to an extent. The disease is accompanied by experiences of pain, which can affect a patient at any given moment. This can affect their performance in matters such as academics or work. Living with the deformity can make the person tire out quicker, and prevents them from taking up jobs that require some form of manual labor.


70 Degrees And Above – The Fatal Zone

Although few cases reach this stage, if a patient’s spinal curvature reaches 70 degrees or greater, their condition becomes fatal. These large curves pressurize the victim’s heart, lungs and abdomen. Consequently, patients may face trouble breathing. Moreover, as the stomach compresses, patients may feel full after eating a small amount of food, and suffer from fatigue as a result. Thus, if the condition escalates to this point, it’s important to look into drastic measures to contain the disease, such as surgery.

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