Providing Emotional Support To Your Partner With Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a condition that affects the curvature of one’s spine and is said to affect about 2-3% of the world’s population. While it may not be as physically noticeable in some, it affects each person emotionally to some degree.




As their partner, they turn to you for comfort and understanding. Here are some things to remember to be the best support system you can be to the ones you love.


Read Up On Their Condition

One of the first things you should do as a partner is to understand the technicalities of scoliosis. Read up on what it is exactly; what forms of treatment or therapy your loved one is going through if any; and how it physically affects them.


Be aware that scoliosis does bring about other problems such as issues with sleeping and physical activities like sports. Such differs from case to case, so make sure that you know the specifics regarding your partner’s situation. This way, you can be prepared for whatever challenges may come in the future, without having to ask them to direct you on how to help.




Reassure Them And Raise Their Self-Esteem

As mentioned earlier, there are those whose condition may not be as extreme. However, even those whose spinal curve is not highly skewed can still experience low self-esteem as their situation can still be a source of insecurity.


There are those who may feel ashamed to wear specific types of clothing such as bathing suits, as the may emphasize or showcase their condition. Understanding that the lack of confidence may come from teasing that may have occurred during their childhood is part and parcel of supporting loved ones with scoliosis.


That being said, remember to be there to reassure your partner about their physical appearance. Remind them that such a condition does not matter to those they love but also help make them feel secure and good about how they look.




Remind Them That You Are There For Them

In any situation, it may be difficult for some individuals to ask for help. In this situation, it is often helpful to be actively supportive of your relationship. Try to observe if your partner needs any assistance with physical activities or if you believe they may be suffering from any emotional issues brought upon by scoliosis.


Additionally, keep in mind while you want to remind them that you’re aware and supportive regarding their condition, try not to focus on it too much. Help your partner define self as more than just scoliosis which they suffer from and that there is much more to them to love.


Assist Them With Strenuous Activities

As mentioned earlier, those with scoliosis may have difficulty with physical activities. For some, even the seemingly small tasks may become a challenge. Even everyday tasks can become exhausting. It is when you should step in. Assist them when they ask for help, or even when you see that they may have trouble finishing specific responsibilities.


Similarly, don’t be upset if you invite them out and they decline. Even the activities they enjoy such as a night out may be too tiring for them physically. Consider spending time with them in a more comfortable situation such as staying at home and just enjoying a movie together or a home-cooked meal.


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