Scoliosis From A Chiropractic Point Of View



A lot of scoliotic patients who are looking for an efficient cure for their condition are hesitant but curious if chiropractors can help them alleviate their symptoms and possibly fix their scoliosis.

Chiropractors are aware of the skepticism of people around their profession, especially from those who have had unpleasant experiences. Perhaps some were assured of something but didn’t get the results they were hoping for. Or maybe they just were not satisfied with the chiropractor who treated them, or they could be dealing with common psychological issues people face during challenging times, which might need psychiatric attention according to BetterHelp.


From a chiropractor’s point of view, yes, they can indeed help improve and alleviate symptoms of scoliosis and their way of life in general. However, confirming if they can ‘fix scoliosis’ does take some more profound thought and understanding.



Can you fix my scoliosis?


Before delving into that, it is vital that we agree on the same thing about scoliosis – that it is treatable but precisely curable, which is why it is often compared to diabetes, as it is a condition that needs long-term and continuing care. It’s why some patients with severe curvatures are usually anxious or depressed because they know they’re going to have to deal with this ordeal for their rest of their lives. Patients will need to consult not only physicians but also therapists to help them cope with their mental and emotional issues, and trying out some anxiety chat rooms might help them in this area.


Now that we both are aware of scoliosis being a lifetime condition, we can probably say that patients can live a great life with just a few restrictions, provided that they find the appropriate approach to managing their scoliosis. You won’t need to go into surgery to do this, but you will only need to commit to following your treatment plan to maintain or improve your way of life.


That’s what ‘fixing’ actually means – finding you the right approach and finding for yourself the right chiropractor.



How do you treat scoliosis?


The focus of chiropractors in treating scoliosis is finding the joints that are sort of jammed and manipulating them to decrease the pressure that these tight joints are causing the other joints. Stuck joints also trap the nerves in the joints, causing more back pain. After identifying the joints that need manipulation, chiropractors are now ready to release pressure on the spine through repositioning.


Chiropractic treatment would do very well with the combination of spinal exercises, stretches, massages and other modalities. The patient’s muscles should also be relaxed so that effective repositioning can happen.



How do you assess your patients?


Chiropractors diagnose, treat and assess their patients. Assessment is an important step in being able to identify how much chiropractors can help their patients with their scoliosis. Some indicators that they usually look for are:


  1. Spinal rigidity. Chiropractors first check how stiff the spine is initially because they will need to loosen it up, relax the spine, muscles, and more particularly the nerves surrounding the spine to be able to manipulate it.


  1. Sensorimotor integration. This pertains to the capacity of your brain to communicate or send impulses to your body. The brain needs to rewire itself so that it sends orders to the body to move the spine in ways that it’s not used to.


  1. The patient’s commitment. No matter how meticulous and well planned the treatment may be, if the patient is not dedicated to doing his part, the effectiveness will be primarily affected. The chiropractor only does the first step, but the patient himself should implement the rest of the steps.



Final Thoughts


It is the responsibility of the chiropractor to efficiently treat scoliosis, but it takes a chiropractor that’s skilled at diagnosing, assessing and treating scoliotic patients. You are free to ask them questions so that you can better understand your condition. In the long term, your ordeal will on depend on medical treatment plan (if there’s any), the chiropractor’s treatment plan, and your dedication towards a better quality of life.



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