What To Do When Your Partner Has Scoliosis 

When it comes to love, it knows no boundaries, nor illness. It is not discriminatory, and at times it is even unexplainable. Despite the existence of an illness, it is still essential to be able to understand and support our partners. 


For people with partners dealing with scoliosis, it may be hard to support them if you don’t understand their condition. People diagnosed with scoliosis require proper care, and it is essential to understand these needs to take care of your loved one better. 


What Is Scoliosis 

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Scoliosis is a condition wherein the spine tends to curve on one side, the usual body parts being the lower back and the chest. It also affects 2-3% of our population and available treatments depend on the severity of the condition. 


At birth, some people already show early signs of scoliosis, such as a bulge on the chest. However, it can also manifest during pre-adolescent years from 10-12. The causes are not yet known. However, it is usually linked to other types of illnesses such as muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, etc. The said condition is also seen to be much common in women than in men, thus posing a higher risk for them. 


Treatments For Scoliosis 

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In finding the right treatment for scoliosis, some things should be considered first. When going to see a doctor, some of these things will be considered first before being given a suitable treatment. 

  • Sex: Women are more likely to have scoliosis than men, and it can get worse over time. 
  • The Severity Of The Curve: S-shaped curves or “double curves” usually worsen in the long run than C-shaped spines. 
  • Curve Position: If the curve is located at the middle of the spine, it tends to worsen than those found at the lower back. 
  • Bone Maturity: If the bone is still growing or changing, the treatment that will be given may vary through time. 

It is crucial to never self-medicate or self-diagnose, since not all scoliosis treatments are the same for all kinds. It is best to go and see a doctor to get the best treatment for your partner. 


Tips For Couples Dealing With Scoliosis 


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If your partner has scoliosis, he or she might need all the emotional and loving support from you. It is essential to let your partner know that you are always there no matter what. Encourage them to get regular checkups with the doctor. 


Go with them regularly in therapy sessions, and it will surely boost his or her confidence. At the same time, you will also get to understand the needs and treatments of the said condition. Moreover, you get to see your loved one get better through time, both physically and emotionally. You also get to cater to their needs more at home than before. 


What’s important at the end of the day is to be the most understanding and loving person for your partner. After all, you are bonded as one, in sickness and in health. 




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