Can Scoliosis Affect My Future Relationships And Marriage 

Living with scoliosis has several implications for a teen’s future. These teens may need to get used to frequent treatment sessions and avoiding specific activities. However, one question that most teens with scoliosis ask is: can their condition affect their future relationships and marriages? Let us see what other people with the same condition think.  




Sexual Activity  

Research studies found that people with scoliosis tend to encounter problems in their sex life. Because of their low self-esteem and consciousness on their body image, they feel like they cannot participate in sexual activities. Atlasien of FWD/Forward shares her story.  


Ever since she was a teenager, Atlasien suffered from debilitating scoliosis. She had been mocked, bullied, made fun of because of her condition. The harassment was so terrible that she had stopped changing clothes in front of others inside the locker room. She spent most of the time thinking of excuses for P.E. so that she does not need to be with the other girls.  


Through these experiences, she managed to reach an epiphany. People with scoliosis deserve to reaffirm their sexuality and embrace their body image. Just because these people do not fit into the “symmetrical image” of the perfect woman does not mean they cannot explore their sexuality.  


So if you are wondering if you can have sex, yes, you can. Don’t let others who tell you that “you are not pretty enough” pull you down. You are beautiful, and you deserve to be beautiful.  


Getting Married  

There is a popular belief that people with scoliosis have a hard time entering relationships and getting married. However, that is entirely not the case! Research has shown that the rate of marriage of people with scoliosis and with people with no scoliosis are not different. In fact, people with scoliosis get married 3% more.  




However, can scoliosis affect the longevity of marriage? SandyC of the National Scoliosis Foundation Forum says no! She was diagnosed with moderately severe scoliosis. She is married for 20 and more years and currently has two grandchildren. Never once did her condition become a problem.  


Jacque’s Mom of the same forum shares the same sentiments. After a few months of dating, Jacque’s Mom confessed to her husband, who was her boyfriend at that time, about her scoliosis. Their relationship flourished, and soon, they got married. Currently, they are married for 24 years. Throughout their relationship, never once did her husband get bothered by her scoliosis.  


Having Kids  

Research studies have shown that people with scoliosis are at risk with increased pain during pregnancy. However, the rate of cesarean sections and labor complications of females with scoliosis are the same as those without. On the other hand, women with fused lumbar spines have difficulty receiving an epidural.  




Lia_s_Mom of the same forum expressed that labor and child delivery will never be smooth. However, her scoliosis did not worsen the childbirth experience. Cakedec of the same forum tells that pregnancy and childbirth is just beginning. It is more important to look out for symptoms of scoliosis in your children.  





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